Lake County Data

County Health Profile:

Lake County Data


Lake County Health Rankings 2018

Health Outcomes24
Health Factors24

Lake Population Age

AgeCounty (%)Florida (%)

Lake Total Population

ItemCounty (Total)County (%)Florida (Total)Florida (%)
Total Population317,58620,278,447
Asian6,1981.9547,518 2.7
Black33,60010.33,264,830 16.1
White270,43282.915,350,784 75.7
Hispanic46,97514.45,008,776 24.7
Female168,32751.610,362,286 51.1
Prison1,0120.3119,036 0.6

Lake Socioeconomics

Per Capita Income ($)25,99128,774
Median Household Income ($)49,73450,883
Percent of Persons Below 100% of the FPL (%)12.815.5
Percent of Persons Below 200% of the FPL (%)34.036.4
Students Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch (%)67.469.4
Unemployment Rate (%)4.14.2
Percent of Businesses with <50 Employees (%)96.095.5
Percent with High School Diplomas (%)88.687.6
Percent with College Diplomas (%)32.538.2

Lake Maternal and Infant Health

Total Birth Rate9.911.1
Teen Birth Rate8.68.2
Repeat Birth Rate14.615.7
Low Birthweight (%)8.78.7
Late or No Prenatal Care (%)5.35.5
Kindergartners Immunized (%)93.993.7
Infant Death Rate6.86.1

Lake Healthcare Access - Uninsured

County (Total)County (%)Florida (Total)Florida (%)
Non-Elderly (Age 0-64) Uninsured34,59914.22,478,19415.4

Lake Federal Designations

Designation StatusDesignation Type
Primary Health Professional Shortage AreaYesLow Income Population HPSA, Whole County, Federally Qualified Health Center Look A Like
Dental Health Professional Shortage AreaYesLow Income Population HPSA, Whole County, Federally Qualified Health Center Look A Like, Whole County
Mental Health Professional Shortage AreaYesLow Income/Migrant Farmworker, Federally Qualified Health Center Look A Like, Whole County
Medically Underserved Area/PopulationYesLow Income/Migrant Farmworker, Low Income Population - North Lake County

Lake Most Utilized Hospitals

Hospital NameNumber of Discharges
Florida Hospital Waterman 14,586
South Lake Hospital9,151
Leesburg Regional Medical Center8,935

Lake Hospital Discharge Rate


Lake Emergency Room Visit Rate


Lake Leading Causes of Death

Cause (Florida Rank)County NumberCounty Age-adjusted Death RateFlorida Age-Adjusted Death Rate
All Causes4,153735.8685.2
Cancer (2)985170.8151.9
Heart Disease (1)943156.2150.8
All Unintentional Injuries (5)27766.152.6
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease (3)26742.739.6
Stroke (4)19031.438.7
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